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Hi! I'm Katie and your world just got a whole lot brighter...

Welcome to my corner of the interwebs! I'm so happy you're here.

I love making new friends and getting up close & personal so make yourself comfy while I introduce myself...

The Cliff's Notes Version: 

My name is Katie Kozlowski and I am a lot of things for a lot of people.

I started my career as an actress and after a bumpy road, landed in the VO booth where I began developing my talents.

Then after being hit by a taxi {yes you read that right} I began to delve into personal development, healing and transformational tools. 

After spending YEARS feeling like I didn't fit in, struggling to accept myself and my body and dead end relationships and careers I was FINALLY able to get my S*&^ together and my life CHANGED for GOOD.

And here I am today--talking to you on this super cool website!

Some people might think it's counterproductive to have my finger in so many pots, but I love to create and I believe in being multifaceted because WE ALL HAVE GIFTS and I want to see us celebrate them! 

For the past 20 years have dedicated my life to creating safe spaces for creativity to shine while being the BEST version of ourselves we can be. 

Want the FULL STORY? Learn more about me here!

"There's something about Katie that makes me happy as a clam. "


"Katie is like a joker card. You think you're getting 1 thing and then you flip her over and she's something else!"


"Katie is like a Doesteovsky novel. "


"Katie is where the Dalai Lama meets Ellen. Seriously, if the Dalai Lama and Ellen were one person... it would be her."


What do I do?

Voice Over Artist

Put me in a closet or a padded room and I work magic for you...

I've been providing my voice for top notch clients in radio, TV, animation, promos, toys, video games and online projects for over 10 years! 

Thank god my ex boyfriend talked me into it...

Check out my home studio set up, vo chops & get coaching and more!

Check out my VO Skills!

Speaker & Host

With all that training as an actress and performer coupled with all my intensive work with personal development, turns I'm a damn good inspirational speaker and host! 

I've done TV, live events, podcasts and interviews, workshops & classes and I'm dedicated to creating uplifting content that is fun & enjoyable and deep & life changing at once.  

I'm an impactful speaker with a heart of gold and a witty mind with a zillion personal stories to boot!

Don't believe me? Invite me to speak or be a guest! 


Learn more, watch me speak, book me yo!

Teacher, Creatress, Healer & Guide

Long story short, after being hit by a taxi and struggling with my own personal demons, I dove headfirst into healing and other mindset techniques that CHANGED MY LIFE. 

So naturally I had to create programs and platforms to spread the word and teach others too. 

I work with creative and beautiful souls like YOU to help develop new relationships with yourself and others so you can heal and find the happiness you deserve.

And trust me I am GOOOD!

How can I help you?

Writer & Storyteller

Yeah I know... we're all writing a book!

But ever since I was a struggling actress and I felt 100% out of sorts I fell in love with the idea of sharing my story to inspire others and so I got a book deal. 

It was the only way I could express my true self and the fact that I could help others in the process was a double win!

That book originally titled Sick Bitch! is currently in development and will be released soon under a new title through Balboa Press.

I also do my best to publish pieces all over the interwebs... maybe you've read my work!

Read my stuff!

Performer & Singer

I've been a performer since the age of 6 when during my ballet debut I punched the girl behind me for pulling on my tutu. 

And then we discovered I have one HELL of a voice...

I got my BFA in musical theatre from Ithaca College (Summa Cum Laude baby!) and spent many years performing in musicals, plays and on TV. 

When I'm not performing, my training fits into everything else I do and I use everything from Alexander Technique to "tactics" and psychological gestures in my other areas of work. 

There are no mistakes in life and the training I got as a performer has served me in SO MANY ways.

Hear me sing & act here!

Ya get all that? Sometimes it all starts with a conversation...

Let's get up close & personal & be FRIENDS! {and I don't mean just on social media}

If you want to ask me a question or set up a chance to chat 1:1 contact me here and we'll set it up!

Let's Talk!

You can also visit me at


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