Create more freedom and break the cycle of struggle you're stuck in today.

 My name is Katie Kozlowski and I help you understand why you're still struggling and give you the tools to create your own way out.

And I'm all about your liberation.

Just like you, I used to struggle with life in every way you can imagine. And it caused me a world of hurt.

But then I decided it was time to take charge. And I discovered that the most potent magic happens when you choose to fully love yourself and show up no matter what.

It turns out, it's not a fairy godmother who grants you your wishes... it's YOU!

But it doesn't hurt to have someone to help you out. And I want to show you what's possible.

And by doing this work, I was able to heal from a life full of painful trauma and manifest the life I have today with a devoted partner, fabulous career and adorable home on the water.

It's my own dream come true!

And the best part is that everything I've created can be yours too.

Because you are so worthy of love and I can't wait to see what happens once you own your own power inside and out.

Over the last 11 years I’ve helped thousands of women heal from trauma, take back their power and transform their life and if we can do it so you can you!

I'd love to help support you in making your dreams come true too.

What would it feel like to finally be free from the emotions and old stories that are holding you back?

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Tired of feeling like you're going in circles unable to break free from the struggle of trying to "be happy?" I got you and am here to help. Join my high vibe community and I'll show you how to heal the tough stuff while creating more freedom, love and joy!

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