Programs & 1:1

Healing, DIY & 1:1 offerings for transformation & growth

I'm a master of creativity 

And that means all everything I do is IMMERSIVE & DEEP

Whether it's 1:1 or DIY, I make sure to give you something you can literally take IN and make your own...

Because my biggest goal is to TEACH YOU HOW TO DO IT ON YOUR OWN. 


Because that's POWERFUL! 

Want to know how I can help you? 

Check out these options to get started below: 

Express Your True Self

This is my FREE (whoohoo) introductory program) and you're invited to try it anytime you wish. 

It's a quick tour through your "inner" closet to help you reconnect with who you are so you can let that person OUT. 

Check it out!

21 Days of In{her} Awakening

This is the gentlest program I've created and is guaranteed to open your heart!

The truth is that if we don’t cultivate our inner power first, then focusing energy on “the Universe” or another power outside ourselves may not help us create the lives we desire.

Check out the 21 Days of In{her} Awakening now and get started for only $47!

Tell Me More!

Wanna know the basics about my work? 

I'm a natural born healer and have had intuitive gifts since I was a child. 

But I didn't begin exploring those gifts until after I was hit by the taxi. 

Soon after, I dove head first into Reiki and soon then began studying with Derek O'Neill. 

Since then I've received certifications in Reiki, Rising Star, NLP, EFT and have studied meditation. 

I have received numerous initiations including the Karnak, The Rite of the Womb, I am a Rising Star teacher and am trained as a Mum's List Legacy teacher as well. 

I am a firm believer in BLENDING and bring you pieces of everything I know into digestible packages.

Up close & personal: 

If you're looking for powerful transformations that last and you're ready to DIG IN, 1:1 is absolutely the way to go. And good news! I have various ways we can do this remotely and in person.

I offer mini packages that are short & sweet and I also have long term programs for 3 months and either way we combine energy healing with NLP and other powerful techniques to help you get the results you want. 

To see if we're a good fit and learn more about the options schedule a chat with me via my calendar here

{Curious about cost?  I have options ranging from $175-$1700 depending on needs and preferences}


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