Writer & Diva

I dig journals. I write stories. I sing songs. I tell it like it is.

I've always been a natural storyteller

It's why I spent the first 30 years of years of my life singing and acting but as I went through the struggles of "making it BIG in NYC" it didn't go the way I planned...

And when my agents suggested I write my own show when I was having trouble getting cast I hatched a plan. 

It started as a 1 Woman Show called Sick Bitch! but then I decided it needed more uplifting content so I changed the title to Miracles for a SIck Bitch! Because that feels better...right?! 

Well turns out that might NOT be the best title either so I'm currently in the process of finishing the book under the title Full Time Love but let's be honest... it could change again! 

Look for it's release in 2018 via Balboa Press

Women Are Rising

This is my Podcast and platform where we push the envelope and ask important questions. It's also where my story is unfolding as we speak... If you want to hear it or join the movement, check us out here!

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Where else you can read my stuff?

I've been featured all over the interwebs writing uplifting and inspiring content for publications like Elephant Journal, HerChat, SoulSpring and more day by day! I keep them all over at my sister site Loving To Be Me and you can check them out here!

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What about my stage time?

I'll be totally honest, I don't spend as much time on the stage playing as I used to... BUT that doesn't mean this Old Gal is done.  I'm a member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA and when the right projects come up, I'm IN! 

If you're curious about my "herstory" as an actress I've worked regionally across the country at some top theaters like Utah Shakespearean Festival and Gateway Playhouse. I've been on TV {mostly as a nurse on soaps} and I got my BFA in Musical Theatre from Ithaca College. 

Wanna check out my resume?

Did I mention I can sing?

Cuz I can! I've got a freakish range and sing it all from legit to pop rock 

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